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Veganz Group AG

Veganz at Wholefoods in the UK from mid-May

About Veganz:

Veganz - good for you, better for everyone - is the brand for plant-based foods. Founded in 2011 in Berlin, the business became known as the first vegan supermarket. With its colorful
and life-affirming business philosophy, Veganz managed to break free of the vegan niche and start the plant-based food trend on the market. By now, there are 165 products of the Veganz brand currently available across Europe in over 15,000 food and drugstores. Among others, the business works together with dm, Globus, Kaufland, Edeka, Müller, Rossman, Spar in Austria and Slovenia, Sonae MC in Portugal, as well as Coop in Switzerland. Furthermore, the Veganz product portfolio is continually being expanded by quality, high-value, inno-
vative items and its sustainable, value-added chain is constantly improved on.

Berlin (ots|wro) - Veganz is continuing with its interna-
tionalisation efforts by providing seven Wholefoods organic supermarket stores in London with a selected range of our products from 29 April 2020. In May, the campaign will be promoted with a 10% discount on the entire Veganz range.

As a German company, Veganz now offers a variety of plant-based foods to nutrition-conscious consumers in 26 coun-
tries. So far, customers from the UK could only purchase our products through the online shop TheVeganKind. But now they can discover the plant-based range directly at the most popular spots in London. Points of sale include the Whole-
foods location at the busy Picadilly Circus and on Kensington High Street near Hyde Park.

In addition to beloved classics from our sweets range, like double-biscuits, choc bars and roasted chocs, the vegan assortment at Wholefoods will include two different kinds of protein bars - including the new Clean Protein Bars in pea-
nut, cocoa and coconut flavours, featuring a clean label recipe and no added refined sugar or artificial additives. With 30 % plant-based proteins and all-essential amino acids, the bars are ideal as a snack or in-between. The protein range is complemented by the Protein Choc Bars, reminiscent of a moist cookie in three original flavours.

Sustainability in the spotlight: With the help of the internationally established Eaternity Score on Veganz product packaging, consumers can see directly how their product performs in the categories of CO2 emissions, water consumption, animal welfare and rainforest protection.



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